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1. What is "Plating Surface Treatment"?

The plating surface treatment is a method of processing the surface of metal materials to increase strength or durability. It is generally called electroplating or plating, covering a thin film on the surface of easily acidified metal materials by liquefying the metal surface.
Generally speaking, electroplating service treatments, such as zinc plating, black oxidizing, nickel plating, and anodizing are used by the characteristics of the material or the application of the product.

2. What can Heng Chang Precision Machining do for customers?

Heng Chang Precision Machining is also well aware of the various needs of customers from different industries. We combined with the integration of the surrounding supply chain, to provide plating surface treatment service in CNC machining parts. Through effective supplier audits and incoming quality control, we provide complete electroplating service reports to check and ensure that the quality after the outsourcing meets the requirements of the customers.


3. What are the plating surface treatment services that Heng Chang Precision Machining can provide?

Black oxide, yellow zinc plating, white zinc plating, DLC coating, chemical nickel, anode, Teflon treatment, hard anode, phosphate coating treatment, electroless nickel, powder coating, chrome plating, brushed surface, polishing, powder coating, sandblastingetc.

How does Heng Chang Precision Machining control parts quality?



1. Electroplating service film thickness report

2. Salt spray testing report (according to customer requirements)

3. Meet the EU/ROHS/ISO quality standards

4. Confirm the color sample before the anodizeing

5. Incoming material appearance inspection (according to customer requirements)

6. Others