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What is reverse engineering in manufacturing?
How to reverse engineering in manufacturing? For example, the customer needs a part but that has been discontinued and there is no 2D drawing of the original design. You can be commissioned manufacturer to deliver a sample of the part, through the existing 3D digital measuring instrument or CMM to do the contour coordinates are accurately and quickly measured, and the surface is constructed, edited and modified, and then converted into a CAD/CAM system. Then the NC machining path of the tool generated by CAM is sent to the CNC machining mechanism to make it.

And Heng Chang Precision Machining provides a complete reverse engineering service in CNC precision machining to solve the customer's troubles and become a trustworthy long-term partnership for the customers.

What is the reverse engineering process of Heng Chang Precision Machining?

Customer supply samples->Reverse engineering and evaluate price->Draw 2D drawings->Customer admit drawings->

Prepare materials and arrange sample production->Sample development-> adjust and confirm the sample details ->

Part completion -> Inspection packaging -> Shipping to customer