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What do we mean by
one-stop service?

In addition to metal processing milling and turning, we integrate the supply chain from materials to other processes like grinding, plating, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, packaging... etc. And through the complete incoming inspection mechanism in our factory, and regularly annual supplier audit, to ensure what we provide to our customer are in stable quality.
What services can Heng Chang provide?

Diversity of materials
. Forging
Cold forging, hot forging, warm forging, aluminum forging, copper forging... etc.
It is suitable for the production of large batches of parts. After forging, it would be processed by a turning lathe and milling machine to maintain the original strength characteristics of the material
. Casting
Precision casting, sand casting, gravity casting, aluminum die casting, copper casting, dewaxing casting, etc.
It is suitable for the production of a certain amount of parts, and would be machined by a turning lathe and milling machine after casting. The strength of this method is relatively insufficient
. Extruded Profiles
Round bar, hexagonal rods, aluminum extrusion, pumping, threaded rods, plates, pipes, etc...
Multiple types of materials reduce unnecessary processing time waste and achieve cost optimization


Multi-process service 

Heat treatment quenching, tempering, carburizing, normalization, stress relief,

Nitriding treatment (GSN, LCN, QPQ), high frequency heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, etc.,.

Surface treatment: black dying, multi-colored electroplating, white zinc plating, DLC coating, chemical nickel, anode, Teflon treatment, hard anode, phosphate coating treatment, electroless nickel, powder coating, chrome plating, etc. (Rolling electricity/lifting electricity)

Post-process processing: inner and outer diameter grinding, boring, gear hobbing, sandblasting, polishing, deep hole drilling, wire cutting, gear rolling, groove drawing, laser engraving, laser cutting, etc.

Other ultrasonic cleaning, mold fixture design and manufacture, hydrogen removal, bonding and assembly 

Quality Control


1. Process control (QC engineering table/PPAP)

2. Material certificate

3. Incoming Material Inspection (IQC)

4. Heat treatment hardness report/film thickness report

5. Finished product shipment inspection (inspection report)

6. Packing specification (according to customer requirements)

7. Supplier Evaluation Mechanism