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Regarding the motor parts in vehicle and motorcycle field, Heng Chang Precision Machining could provide parts with high accurate tolerance of ±0.01 as well as a delicate surface smoother than Ra1.6. Meanwhile, we also claim the high quality of geometry tolerance (e. p. Parallelism, Flatness, Symmetry...etc.) in our parts.
About the integration engineering, Heng Chang Precision Machining have confidence in researching and developing different kinds of a process such as Heat treatment, Grinding, Plating, Assembling to meet customer's requirements.

In the motor industry, we are doing good in the manufacturing Wheel frame, Bike Spindle, Gearbox, Roller Spring, Shaft, Collar, Throttle, Check valve, Pipe, Bush, Piston pin, Orifice, Stopper, and many other different kinds of parts.

Processable Material / Tolerance

Max Dimension(L x W x H)4000*2800*1600MM
Tolerance accuracy
±0.02 mm
General /Special material
Aluminum(AL7075, AL6061), Steel(SS40012L14SNCM439SCM440), Stainless steel(SUS304,SUS420 )Brass/Cooper(C3604)