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Heng Chang provides OEM and ODM semiconductor machined components

Factory of Heng Chang Precision Machining semiconductor component suppliers is composed of intact precise turning and milling technical ability, outstanding processing capability, rigorous quality control system, high professional manufacturing staff, and strong supplier system. These make us irreplaceable in the semiconductor components industries.

From process planning, programming, tool designing, precision processing, assembling to quality-assuring, the complete management system of producing semiconductor parts can fulfill the quality and accuracy our customers need. Our main products in the semiconductor's field are slide base, fixed mount, line board, cavity, orifice, aluminum bearing block, varieties of components.

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                                                                Custom machining semiconductor components by Heng Chang

Processable Material / Tolerance

Max OD
Max Length
Tolerance accuracy
±0.02 mm
General /Special material
Stainless steel(SUS304SUS316SUS430SUS630)Engineering Plastic(PEPOMPEEK)

          Custom machining semiconductor parts by Heng Chang