Supply Chain Integration

What is a one-stop service?
In addition to metal processing, we integrate the supply chain of other processes besides lathe and milling processing to assist customers with material sourcing, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, packaging, and more. With a complete incoming inspection mechanism and annual supplier audits, we ensure stable quality for our customers.

Heat treatment:
Quenching, tempering, carburizing, normalization, stress relief, annealing, vacuum heat treatment, nitriding (GSN, LCN, QPQ), high-frequency heat treatment, ion nitriding, etc.

Surface treatment:
Blackening, colorful electroplating, zinc plating, DLC coating, electroless nickel plating, anodizing, hard anodizing, Teflon treatment, phosphate coating, powder coating, chromium plating, electrolytic polishing, etc.

Inner and outer diameter grinding, boring, gear rolling, polishing, deep hole drilling, wire cutting, thread rolling, broaching, laser engraving, laser cutting, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.