Heng Chang Consultants

is experted in variety of industries, such as aerospace, aviation, semiconductor, vehicles, motors, industry, hardware, electronics, gear and etc., offering you engineering assistance, components production, reverse engineering and supplier-chain management which meets international standards, and providing you international service.

Having different kinds of production equipments, from the original machines in house such as traditional turning lathe, traditional milling machine, drilling machine, CNC turning compound lathe, CNC milling machine, and new equipments like plano milling machine, vertical lathe, 5-axis machining lathe (vertical and horizontal machines) and some others. Despite of the prototype service, large scale production is nothing difficult for us, solving different kinds of engineering requirements.

We could process for material like aluminum (AL7075, AL6061, AL5083, AL5052 and etc.), Steel (SS400, S15C, S20C, S45C, SNCM439, SCM440 and etc.), Stainless Steel (SUS304, SUS316, SUS430, SUS630 and etc.), Titanium(Gr2, Ti6Al4V and etc.), Nickel based material(INCO, INCO718 and etc.), Engineering Plastic (PE, POM, PEEK), Brass/Cooper(C3604 and etc.) or any other special materials customer designated.

Heng Chang consultants could provide you products complying with international specification and globalized comprehensive service.High-quality products with a competitive price, customer-oriented is the most supreme thing we always do. You would not regret to choose Heng Chang Consultants!

  • Certification ISO 9001:2015


Heng Chang consultants always follow the philosophy to improve ourselves and always eager to meet our customer's requirements.

  • Satisfy Customer : Realize customers needs to meet their requirement
  • Pursue Splendid : Regarding technology, never stay stagnant and pursuing excellence.
  • Embrace Variation : Never restrict our own step, embrace times changing and making process consistently