1. Do you have anyone who speaks English?

Yes, we have. Please don’t worry.

2. Do you have any special questions for assigned materials when you purchase?

We can purchase materials locally in Taiwan. But sometimes it’s not easy to purchase the special materials locally. We will notice you in advance when the material are available. For example, that is not easy to purchase materials for A2014 and A2017. We will check with customers first whether we are allowed to take the substitution materials. And offer our quotation again after customers’ approval.

3. I want to review if you could issue quality processing and controlling report.

Yes, if we can get your order and have an official transaction. That is no problem to issue quality processing and controlling report here after we finish quality evaluation.

4. If there are some defectives during machining process, please tell me what you will do.

If in a case we found defectives, please take the methods as follows.

(1) Check the finish parts in the stock. If there are some parts remain in stock, we will do 100% inspection. And let our customer know the result after 100% inspection.

For the defectives in our stock, will throw away. (The defectives mark red and place in the inventory area)

(2) How to handle the defectives when they are in the market?

2-1 To judge whether the defectives can be reworked or not.

If you cannot rework the defectives,
A. In the worldwide, they will locally check with customers to make sure if the defectives can be reworked or deducted from the payment.
B. Please return to Taiwan, and we bear of the freight charge. Red mark refers to defectives which will be placed to the inventory area.

2-2 If you can repair / rework by yourself,

A. When we receive your rework parts, we will 100% inspection, rework/repair, 100% check again, and return to customers’ side. (We bear of the freights.)
B. If rework / repair done in customer’s local country, we will bear of all rework fees.

(3) Surveying and analyzing reasons to the problem, which includes people, machines, materials and manufacturing process.

(4) Issue the defectives improvement report to customers.

(5) Quality control and the solutions to prevent the similar defectives happened again in the future.