CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is the use of computer programing to control the operation of machining tools to manufacture parts. CNC computer software is used to calculate operating rules for the machine tools which utilize these commands to realize automatic machine tool production. Using computer automation for machining processes reduces the potential for human error and greatly increases reliability and repeatability. During the development of a project, new instructions can be easily added to the original program to improve the accuracy and flexibility of the product being produced.

The CNC machining process Heng Chang Precision Machining follows involves 3 basic steps.

  1. A CAD (Computer-aided design) program is used by our engineers to design a model of the part to be manufactured.
  2. The CAD model file is then converted into a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) program. CNC programs use a computer language called G-code which is recognized by machining tools used to perform various machining processes.
  3. The CNC machining tools follow the CAD instructions to perform operations that remove material from a work-piece creating the CNC machined product required.

CNC Processing Machines:
There are a variety of machines which recognize G-Code and can use CNC programing to perform various machining processes. Some of the machines we use at Heng Chang Precision Machining include the following.

CNC Milling Machines:
Milling Machines utilize rotary cutters to shape workpieces by controlling the angle, cutting direction, and depth of the cutting head.

CNC Lathes:
Lathes use cutting tools to cut off excess material while the material is rotating on a spindle.

CNC Routers:
Routers are generally used for producing larger dimension parts. They are commonly found in simpler 3 axis setups (X, Y and Z) but can be programed for 4, 5 or even 6 axis setups which are often used for cutting more complex shapes or prototype models.

CNC Plasma Cutters:
Plasma cutting is a process that uses electrically to create a jet of extremely hot plasma which is blown from a torch to cut electrically conductive materials. This very hot and very localized plasma "cone" is extremely versatile and useful for cutting sheet metal in curved or irregular shapes. Plasma cutters are useful for cutting very thick metal, even up to 150mm thick.

CNC Grinders:
Grinders utilizes a rotary wheel that removes material by repeated grinding until the desired shape is reached.

CNC Electric Discharge Machines:
Electric discharge machining, or EDM for short, is useful for forming a desired shape on the inside of a specific item. By utilizing controlled electrical sparks, material is eroded from the surface of the item.

To ensure the uniformity of production and achieve a high degree of automation, Heng Chang Precision Machining uses a variety of CNC systems for our processing procedures. Heng Chang Precision Machining has many years of experience and a team of highly skilled CNC technicians to meet your processing needs.