At Heng Chang Precision Machining we take the “Precision” in “Precision Machining” seriously. There are countless applications where the precision and accuracy of the final product is absolutely essential. In the Aerospace industry for example, millimeters or even microns can make a difference in the successful performance of a component, and tight-tolerance production is critical. Heng Chang Precision Machining is a highly qualified manufacturer of machined products. We to produce high quantities of quality components and devices with excellent accuracy.

Precision Machining involves a variety of processes to remove excess, raw material from a starting work-piece to create a final product. These processes include cutting, milling, grinding, turning, and electrical discharge machining. The entire process is controlled by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) procedures. Using high specification CNC technology, the precision machining process can meet very precise tolerances.

Precision processing technology involves the integration of human engineering design with computer-controlled design to produce products that meet tight tolerance conditions. Working closely with our clients, we pay close attention to detail to create a CNC machining plan that will ensure quality and success.

CNC machining technology is able to create 3D diagrams for processing of very small or complex items. Precision processing technology can be used to consistently produce high-standard products with high accuracy and durability regardless of their size or shape.

At Heng Chang Precision Machining, we produce products with outer diameters that range from 1 to 1700mm, with a maximum length of 3200mm. These items can be manufactured with precision tolerances as fine as ±0.005mm, according to material and size. All processing materials we use comply with RoHs and REACH specifications.

Materials we work with include:

  • Stainless Steel: SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS420, SUS430, SUS440C,630(17-4)
  • Titanium: CP1~CP4, Ti-6AL-4V
  • Nickel based alloy: 718, 625, X-750, C276,925,901, Inconel
  • Brass: C3600, C3602, C3604, C6802
  • Copper: C1100, C17700, PB, BZ, BE, CU
  • Al alloy, Aluminum: AL2011, AL5052, AL5056, AL5083, AL6061, AL7075
  • Carbon Steel: S15C ~ S45C, SS400
  • Cr-Mo alloy, Chrome Molybdenum steel: SCM415, SCM440
  • Steel for Specific Purpose: SUJ2
  • Free Cutting Steel: 1144, SUM24L (12L14), 1215
  • Other materials: PE, POM(ACETAL), PEEK, TEFLON (PTFE), DERLIN, Acrylic


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