Heng Chang provides one-stop customized service and professional total solution of industry engineering, not only to follow the drawings, but could help with extra speciality engineering suggestions.


OEM Parts We Made

  • Precision Aerospace Parts - Combustion RingCOMBUSTION RING Ø1,200mm proimages/IMG_5915-removebg.png 
  • Electronics Component ConnectorsCONNECTOR Ø15mm                                 proimages/圖片1.jpg
  • Precision Orifice Hardware PartsORIFICE Ø22mm   proimages/MIRROR.png
  • Machining Automotive Parts - Shock Absorber ComponentsSHOCK ABSORBER COMPONENTS Ø33mm proimages/IMG_5919-removebg-preview.png                                                                                              
  • OEM Machining - Sleeve             SLEEVE Ø40mm                proimages/IMG_5923-removebg-preview.png